“I believe that there are those of us who RISE ABOVE the ashes of such brutal circumstances to help LIFT OTHERS WHO NEED A HAND .”

I miss my eye

I wake up and open my eyes. It’s a bit darker, but wait, my right eye doesn’t open. The harder I try to open the eye the more difficult it becomes; I have unconsciously forgotten again that I am now blind in my right eye. “Damn!” is the first word I usually utter,...

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Josina’s thoughts on pencil……

It feels like I have been here so many times. Struggling to put my feelings, thoughts, ideas in paper…and fearing how the world looks and feels about all this crazy of mine. Damn!!! But really???? Who cares? The Sun will go down today and come up tomorrow… In a way, I...

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Enough is enough – No more tolerance for Abuse

Violence against women in South Africa seems to be getting more brutal and gruesome by the day. Karabo Mokoena, who was allegedly murdered by her 27-year-old ex-boyfriend was in life a young women who had a followership of thousand in Social media, as a beautiful,...

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Working towards a future,

Where GBV doesn’t exist.

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