About Ms, Josina Z. Machel

Activist and Founder Kuhluka Movement

Following a horrific domestic violence experience that left Ms Machel blind on one eye, in 2015 Ms Machel launch Kuhluka Movement, a non-profit initiative that empowers women survivors of gender based and domestic abuse to find their voice and their feet to walk away from abusive relationships , and influence public policy to create a supportive environment to stop this type of violence.

Keynote Speaker | Panel Discussions

Gender Based Violence.

A hand lifted to harm a woman and child is a hand lifted to harms ones-self.

Cost of GBV to Business & economy.

One of the consequences of this crime against society is it’s financial impact on the economy.

Overcoming adversity.

Using one’s story to empower others. Healing and regeneration is essential to restoring wholeness.

Building Social Movements.

The people around us are those best equipped to help us. Community is key.

Working towards a future,

Where GBV doesn’t exist.

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